No more bullets per sec

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Turlo, Nov 18, 2003.

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    This could F' up the stock market...They are going to be missing out on a bunch of liquidity....When is the new short sale rule going to take effect? Anyone know?
  3. Another smart move by the s.e.c.

    Keep driving that liquidity right out the window. Yeah, THAT will protect "the little guy".
  4. Another edge bites the dust !
  5. Pretty funny..a shitload of day traders slapping the bid with an artificial short position is considered liquidity.
  6. Why doesn't the sec widen the spread to even the playing
    field - Incidentally sEC we are the little guy.
  7. Is this effective immediately? I've heard some firms have pulled bullet software already (I think in anticipation rather than compliance)
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    I think an interpretive memo pretty much means it's effective immediately.
  9. Can't make a dishonest living anymore......
  10. Just trade ES and ETF's. Short anytime. Easy game.
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