No more bear markets Fed micomanages

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, May 15, 2008.

  1. Its appears the fed is not going to let a bear market occur. Can't have that can we. Just keep the markets permanently elevated.
  2. Awesome!! and FSLR is going to $600 !! and if you lucky enough, you bough it at $300, hold it for ten years, it will be $3,000 per share.
  3. I have been saying for awhile that there will never be another bear market again, or atleast not for many decades due to economic and financial perpetualism. I really mean that. The bull market that began on October 2002 came close to ending in March, but didn't.
  4. Maybe no more bear markets on paper at least - but eventually people will catch on to the central bank's scam. In fact they already are - look at the negative savings rate.
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    Look at how inflation is calculated. Last report shows that cost of the gasoline went down by 5.8% (seasonally adjusted).

    Government is trying to inflate out of this problem.

    If you do not eat and do not drive there is no inflation.
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