No money down trading opportunity..

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, May 5, 2004.

  1. Just a personal note to you guys, especially those who live around Las Vegas, or would like to move here.

    We just added 27 brand new trading stations in our newly expanded building...and will be offering students, recent graduates, etc. the chance to trade with zero money at risk, and they can keep a percentage of their profits while they are learning.

    Anyway, no big promo here on the board, but if you want to check it out...Click to my homepage...

  2. Just bringing the post up...for any of you interested in our Test Pilot program...we have quite a bit of interest locally...and I know some of you guys live here in Vegas..

  3. Not good enough sparky...
    I want a salary to score - I hear chicks are expensive in Vegas.
  4. titan4


    Do you have slot machines in you Vegas offices?
  5. Not a bad idea, but I think the SEC might object.... We would be happy to invite you to blackjack or poker game, however...LOL

  6. Hey Don,

    When are you opening up a Toronto office?
  7. Not going to happen soon...plenty of interest, but the Canadian regulators aren't allowing any global "competition"... GS couldn't even get approval.... We may "tag team" with our friends at Penson, but that may take a while....

    Canadians: "Move to BC"
    Americans: "Move to Vegas"...


  8. H2O


    While we're on the subject (and I still cannot come to Vegas, but getting better everyday :cool: )

    (When) will there be a European office (Dutch ???)

    I would be the first to sign up for this, especially with this 'new' no money down program !!! :D
  9. Nice try.."all special programs" take place right under our noses here where we can keep an eye on our money, and your success.


  10. H2O


    I expected something like this :(

    But on a more serious note, are you planning on opening European offices or do we have to keep trading from our appartments with no fellow traders around....
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