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Discussion in 'Trading' started by wwatson1, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. I don't know if it is just me but I am finding potentially good breakout set-ups, watching them breakout of a consolidated price range only to see them come right back to the breakout level and fall through closing me out at my stops.

    I just can't seem to get a run on anything. Any constructive thoughts?
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    Stop trading breakouts until you see them working again.
  3. What do you suggest in these markets?:(
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    I think a lot of people understand setups, but they dont understand the concepts. An understanding of the concepts will help you out. If you only have a setup, when it fumbles you don't know if its not working, or if its just a drawdown. For me, I focus on "where are we". When I look at a 120 minute chart, are we trending or in a range. Where are we in the context of a trend or range? Once I know that, then I will trade accordingly. Hope that helps.

  5. Just out of curiosity does anyone at all study fundamentals, balances sheets, management etc before they trade a stock or does everyone on this board just trade a stock because of what they see on a chart?
  6. That was insightful thanks Brandon, I have been on you site and found it helpful, nice layout. Do you offer stock selection?:)
  7. Big picture I think about and use fundamentals.Like ..interest rates,economic growth,dollar trends,and several others.But it all leads back to charts and TA .I could care less what a companies fundamentals are, as long as it meets my trading system ,I'll trade it.
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    I don't do breakouts but follow through seems to be just fine lately.
    I don't trade fundamentals because the timeframe is too long. Why tie up 10K for three months when you can be in and out several times and make the same amount in a few weeks. Also, IMO, the fundamental information that would be beneficial in selecting a stock is usually already priced into it by the time it becomes available to the general public.
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  9. wwatson1,

    "Just out of curiosity does anyone at all study fundamentals....."

    More money is made and lost following fundamental analysis than any other type of market analysis.

    "watching the breakout of a consolidated price range only to see them come right back to the breakout level...."

    A base is a base... a stall is a stall. They are not the same. Until such a time as the direction in the market changes, we don't know which one we're looking at. Currently, it doesn't seem it could find its way with a compass and a guide. Until it does, it's asking a lot to see much follow through with any opinion anyway.

    While most admit that the human factor is the most difficult obstacle to overcome in trading, I respectefully disagree. IMO, it's still about moving with the trend, which many times means WAITING until there IS a trend, and once determined, following it until it changes direction.
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    In a way I follow fundamentals. I review IBD type stuff to see if the stocks with the high eps ranks are leading the market up. So far those stocks as a group have not really had much followthough. So I will not care about fundamentals until the market turns the good earners into good leaders.

    By the way this is not unusual. A friend of mine who writes a widely followed newsletter picked a fewgood winners off the bottom after the first mini rally. I asked in my good William O'Neal manner how come he did not pick the high eps high/ rs stocks. He said in his 30 years of watching the market the first leg up is usually the bargain hunting. Then if you are going to go into a bull market the new leaders assert themselves and that is when you would expect to see the high earnings growth stocks lead.
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