No "Moh*med" for U.K. terror

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bruto Blukowski, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Before names and identities are released in association with the planned terror attacks in the U.K., I want to reassure everyone that this will not be linked to Muslims or Islamic/Muslim organizations.

    You heard it here on ET first.

    To those around the world who are trying to travel today and who will travel sometime in the future - airplane,train,boat - remember this:

    The Religion of Peace does not do these things either on a local or worldwide level.

    I'm so confident that from all named people, that not a single one will have a name that contains "Moh*med" in it, that I have a rather large bet going on with Tr*deSp*rts to support this.

    Will send my winnings to an honorable charity in Southern Lebanon and possibly Iraq for rebuilding the blown up Mosques.
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    We all should be extremely careful about negatively pre-judging any individual of Middle Eastern descent, especially those named Mohammed, Abdullah, or even Osama, lest we be accused of racial profiling and discrimination.
    On second thought, screw their feelings - our safety is more important.
    It's time to pull out welcome mat and stop all this nonsense about "integration", since they have time and again showed that they are a poor fit to Western society.
  3. According to debka "The suspects are all British-born of Pakistani origin. "

    They, together with the pakistani guy who shot 6 jewish women in Seattle are our best allies in the war on terror, their actions also demonstrate once again that Islam is indeed the religion of peace (as if there were any doubts about that).
  4. Was that guy in seattle muslim? From news reports I thought he was just a crazy guy. Hey, maybe that explains why he attacked the Jewish community center. Certainly you would have to dig deep to even find much mention of it, also that Iranian guy in Chapel Hill who rented an SUV so he could drive it into a crowd of students. Police and FBI fell over themselves both times saying it wasn't terrorism. Just a couple of peace loving muslims who were justifiably upset at Amerika and Israel, i guess. Apparently terrorism is when someone yells at a woman in front of an abortion clinic.

    This will be the price of our immigration policy, paid in the blood of innocent americans for years to come.