no minimum deposit required futures brokerage? any?

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  1. are there any no minimum deposit required futures brokerage? any?
    ...please provide website...thanks...
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    Futures require a margin account and no brokerage can open a margin account without some minimum deposit.
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  4. ignorance on this board of elites is deep. Many brokers will open accounts without deposit. is just one. Assclown!
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    From globalfutures website:
    *Accounts with $0 minimum balance are eligible for paper trading online. For actual live trading, you must fund your account with the minimum deposit for your particular account type.

    So, ok, technically, you can open an account with no cash, but in order to trade you still need to satisfy the minimum deposit requirement! In other words, until you fund it, you don't have an actual futures trading account, just a paper trading software.
  6. Wrong again. It's a real account. No such thing as papertrading account or software with global or most others_Same account just not funded
    It's the same software for live trading. Why don't you crawl back under the rock before we know your dumbness. No duhhhh. You can't trade without money! Why people insist on acting like expert when the have no clue boggles the mind. No Wonder market so rich and you so poor
  7. Nice attitude douche!
  8. Welcome to the jungle. Better to learn humility here cause act like expert in market get ass kicked.
  9. I agree, Is English your 2nd language, or are you just another illiterate?
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    So what are you going to do with a real futures account that has a zero balance!? With your attitude, I bet the only account you have is a real futures account with a zero balance in it.

    My assumption in the initial answer was that a person is looking for a broker that would allow him/her to trade futures with an amount that is below the minimum.
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