no media mention of s@p 200 day falling

Discussion in 'Trading' started by joeyata1, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. we cut threw 1449 like butter and the biased media hardly mentions it. if we broke it to the upside they would have gone wild
  2. I agree, The S&P broke down through the 200 easily.
    Not a friggen mention from the Talking Heads.

    Dow and Nasdaq are next.
  3. No worries mate, if we blow through the S&P MA, we can still cheer on the Dow and NDX!
  4. thats cause only .5% of the total population knows what a 200 day average is
  5. 11Blade


    you think its that many???!!!
  6. Are you kidding?
    Not even half of the people on ET are aware of this simple technical tool.