No market data permissions - SUN Feb 10

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by atrocious, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Anyone else have this on their TWS, every futures or FX ticker I am subscribed to shows up as unsubscribed, hopefully they get this fixed before the open
  2. FYI they're aware of it, may only apply to certain accounts mine got sorted out
  3. quantprof


    My feeds disappeared around midnight last night and have yet to return.
  4. glad I am not the only one... that and a competing live session alert via API
  5. Yes, I had this as well on Sunday evening (Feb 10th, Asia time zone), but on Monday morning was it sorted and now everything works as intended. I experienced error messages on DTB (Germany) and various US exchanges (GLOBEX, NYMEX, ECBOT). I also got an error message on IDEALPRO (forex exchange rates). However, not all exchanges were affected: I was able to get futures price data from Korea and Singapore.
  6. Update: during today (Monday) I do receive error messages in my automatic download of historical data: "Error. Id: 1, Code: 354, Msg: Requested market data is not subscribed." I get this message on some instruments at DTB, but not on others at the same exchange. The funny thing is: although I receive the error message, does IB provide the requested historical price data.