No Man's Land?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fanews, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. fanews


    This the market we are in.

    Liquidity and momentum and trendless overall market.

    Lack of real growth. Lack of market participation and good ipo.

    No reason for tech stocks to be holding so much cash.

    No growth stocks pay 10% dividends and have p/e of 10

    shareholders of stocks are same as any private 'ower' of the business. the owner gets paid not screwed.

    stocks are not peices of toilet paper or baseball cards.

    stocks are ownership of shares of businesses.

    almost zero investor interest. everybody just wants to trade and HFT the market.

    NO conviction in bulls and no conviction in shorting either.

    Don't trust this market, too much market manipulation from the FED and market makers and company insiders. the retail public shareholder/investor doesn't exist and doesn't matter

    Just bunch HFT machines trading and flipping paper with each other.