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  1. I can't wait for my subscription to be over on match and e-harmony. Women are such a joke. I am a 24 yr old in the military (people say it's easy for us), with a career, many talents, bilingual, pretty well off financially, little/no baggage, pretty social (I attend social event once a week almost) and it feels impossible for me to find anyone actually interested in me. If I express a tiny bit of interest in someone, it's usually met with a slap in the face..

    I have asked out a lot of women that are married and aren't wearing their rings, so that doesn't count. I have even gone out some nights with these women... (where the hell is their family????). Of the other 50+ women I've tried to talk to in person AND online, I have a few messages or conversations, or get a flat out lie (I've been told by a woman she has a BF. Then I see her on match - maybe her BF doesn't know?). Usually the same thing happens, it just 'fizzles.' Of the women I actually got dates with, I was only semi-attracted to 1... out of 4.

    I'm not sure what women look for in a man... Most people fundamentally want the same thing and I am pretty sure I meet most of the requirements. So then what's the problem? I guess I'm one ugly mother trucker but I am frequently told I am good looking by women. Looks like there is a pattern here (lies and mind-games - psycho-manipulation).

    Love doesn't exist, I will never love anyone but myself, and my experiences online and in real life reinforce that. People say the media is full of bull-snot but I think there is good merit to songs that preach get money first and b**tches second because it is certainly validated by my experiences and the divorce rates in this country.

    The only logical thing to do now is go back to my college behaviors and ignore everyone and focus on myself and my work. I guess that's sexy or something. I know I could have made at least 5 women in college. Once I got into this girls room, it was just me and her, and she was in her bed. I just sat and talked to her about nursing. After that I left. I found out later she liked me.. ok great.

    Oh yea, and I'm a nurse... I am in a woman dominated field....

    GL finding your 'soul mate' everyone. This could be in the trading forum as I have no edge in this game apparently.
  2. That nurse thing is gold mine. Now you just have to learn to pull off a little devil may care attitude that the girls love and you're set. First step: stop acting like a lost puppy dog. A good look for pets, not so much for guys.
  3. "I have asked out a lot of women that are married and aren't wearing their rings."

  4. LOL, dont worry man, in 10 years or sooner you're going to get much much better at accepting that (women, dating, love, etc..) is a joke mainly. You wont get aggrivated about it, you'll just play along and have fun with it. :cool:
  5. Don't think about it !!! else when you go out it will come out your pores and women will smell it and run.
    head out the door with attitude not too cocky though, and head out that door looking to have the best day of your life for yourself, everything else will fall in place
  6. It's apparently common for women to do in healthcare since it's a big 'infection control' risk. Silly me

    You basically summarized one of the last times i went out with friends, and i kinda liked someone.

    I shouldn't have thought about it, difficult task for a thoughtful person
  7. Plan b ... Sport an ET tshirt and pussy will throw itself at you.
    jk !

    .... serious about my last post
  8. As a nurse, you most likely are a caring and compassionate guy.

    Secondly, working in a field dominated by women your estrogen level is probably higher than most men.

    thirdly, your post sounds like a friggin romance novel.

    I'm not saying any of this to disrespect you or your profession or who you work with but perhaps women view you as some foreign gender. Yes you're a man but you probably relate very well with women and patients if you're a good nurse but women that you might find attractive want a "bad boy" and you ain't it.
  9. Lucrum


    a positive
    Like what?
    Who cares?
    Not likely at 24 in the military,
    a positive assuming it's true
    literally or metaphorically?

    maybe you should find out
    no way for us to say/know without a photo
    doesn't necesarily mean you are

    Actually it does
    Possibly part of your problem right here

    I'm getting the impression you don't "read" women very well, probably another strike against you

    that's no help but you can overcome it
    Thanks already have one
    I'm inclined to agree, but you could possibly change that.
  10. Now that I think about it, why don't you tell us about your male friends. Got male friends? What do you and the guys do? Play cards, go out drinking, what guy things do you do?
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