No love for the airlines!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Man, I am so glad they're not going to piss away a bunch of our tax dollars on those shitty airlines.
  2. Basically, at this point, with the number of industries in outright depressions, have to draw the line somewhere...At the rate United was sinking, who could justify this amount of support...Also have that LTCM type predicament, where if a company or fund gets large enough to damage the entire economy, do they deserve the bailout, in order to avoid further carnage and a potential "domino effect" to other related industries...It seems too much of this economy has been on life support for too long, I often get the feeling that such a large percentage of companies are just keeping their doors open and their offices full until the loans finally dry up...
  3. Yes!!! Screw air travel. We don't need it!!! We should have TGVs all over the US. That will save lives and be much more comfortable.
  4. there has never been a more screwed up industry than the airlines. They have not earned one dime of profit in decades, all their "profits" have been accounting bullshit. Half their flights are half empty, there is too much capacity. They pay people $40,000 a year to put bags on conveyor belts because of the unions.

    The only airline worth a shit is LUV, and that has been the situation for as long as I can remember. LUV has been prevented from taking over the airline industry purely by Federal regulations. The Federal regulations are influenced by Democrats that get money from the labor unions at the shitty airlines so they can keep operating like the freaking Soviet Union.

    Its one big cesspool. Don't give them one dime, and introduce real competition.
  5. don't buy into the scaremongering. If every single airline went bankrupt simultaneously they would still keep operating, the creditors will not allow them to totally shut down, they want to get part of their money back.

  6. I agree....let's all take huge SUV's all around the place so we can use up all that IRAQI oil we just inherited