No Love For Options Xpress

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rgilbert93, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. I personally don't care for OX anymore but I see that not many other people go with it. They have 10$ commissions now but I still don't care for the site. Are the cheaper 4-7$ commissions broker's sites still as intuitive and easy to use as sites like E*trade and OX?
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    I was at OXPS for 1.5 years and after some absolutely horrible issues with their futures clearing and streaming charts/quotes, moved to ThinkorSwim. $5 stock trades, comprable option/future commissions, and a wonderful desktop client. I just wish they offered more futures contracts than they do, but since they're not a dedicated futures broker I can live with it. Check 'em out!
  3. why? what happened?...they are widely known as the best in options trading...that is their specialty..
  4. I don't like the 3500 minimum needed to open a sink or swim account. I may look into it though.
  5. TD Ameritrade now owns thinkorswim and they have no minimum to open. You can still get the same great service and they have now upgraded the trading platform as well!
  6. That's awesome I didn't know that! Thanks.