no lose stock trading--- here is the real holy grail.

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  1. does anyone here have experience trading "index linked notes" with a guaranteed value?

    if so, kindly touch on the basics.


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    The only way there is ever a "Guaranteed" return in any bond, note, etc is to hold until maturity. Then if the company, gov etc goes bankrupt, all bets are off.....:D

    Index linked thingaminjiggies are basically just corp bonds.

    but to answer your question, the answer is no...i have not traded those. Happy Holidays
  3. i have used them in the past when they go under the 10 strike. the most common ones are called mitts. they are a merrill lynch product. they dont move much and do not move 1 to 1 with the market.
    they buy a long bond and marry it with an index option.

    here is one.

  4. thanks, vhehn.

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    Sight for sore eyes , I was serching for you on the net last night ,just to see what you were up to.
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  6. Hah... I have personally designed / engineered guaranteed equity index linked notes, in my quant days. :) At the time (late 1990s -- early 2000s), similar products were getting increasingly popular in Europe and Japan, but not in the US. Don't know about now.

    The Handbook of Equity Derivatives has a good treatment.
  7. Now your a "Holy Grail" peddler? What is this world coming to?