No Longer Able To Bookmark Pages

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  1. Looks like is blocking the ability to bookmark their web pages. Anyone else experience this, or is it just my rig??

    (Assuming they are doing that to encourage paid subscription... ??)
  2. quixilver


    I don't have any problems. I use bookmarks and short links and they all work fine. I just tried to bookmark a new page and it worked. Could be your browser
  3. Interesting. Bookmarking failed in FF, Pale Moon, and IE... ?? Bookmarking other pages works OK, just not Stockcharts. Same problem on 2 other computers. (In one case I ran up a perf chart. Then tried to bookmark it. Initially, bookmark function gave me an option to "bookmark this page", but then "refreshed" on its own and that option disappeared.)
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  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    I just bookmarked it in IE11 with scripting disabled.

    Maybe a restart is in order?
  5. It's technically impossible to block bookmarking because it's a browser feature completely unrelated to the content. Must be something on your end

    BTW, why are you using this pos web service? Tradingview is way better for some quick quote check and particularly for charting. Best in class for mobile and desktops imho given its free


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