No local HD channels on Dish

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tango29, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. SH**, &()%, %^#@!!! I guess I assumed and I am the ass part. Switched to Dish from Time Warner, picked the HD package as I loved it for football with cable. Now as I'm watching I realize that the local channels aren't in HD, and they confirmed that they don't have a contract to carry local HD programming just standard. I really think that should have been made clear. I know its nuts, but I could see a difference and really liked the crisper picture. Being able to see the blood fly and bodies crunch in HD was most enjoyable. I need to go hit something!
    Rant done...for now!
  2. I recently switched for satelllite to TWC (hated doing that as TW sucks in many ways) but did so as you found out because of the local HD issue. AFAIK they have some bandwidth issues also .
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    I get HD local channels in my area. I have DirectTV. I had to get an extra antenna to get the local channels in HD. Then I have to use channels like 2-1 or 5-1 or 9-1 etc for the HD broadcasts.

    It looks awesome.

  4. Where are you Nitro? Dish has negotiated in a few markets, but still has quite a few to go for the rights to HD broadcasts. I'm not sure if Direct has local HD here either. Standard and HD come over on different stations on cable also. I have an NFL channel, but my guess is it will be random games insted of HD of my team.
    I do have Kung Fu theater which is great, but I want HD FOOTBALL on my locals!
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  6. I'm in the same boat tango29. I'm just North of Nitro and didn't realize until a few weeks ago. Not happy is an understatement.
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    you can get all the local HD channells for free if you have a seperate HD antenna for them. But you need a cable provider to get channels like ESPN, TNT, HBO, Showtime HD...I also believe that the only way to get Fox HD is using an antenna, i dont think Fox has signed a deal with some of the cable providers.
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    I maybe near you taclander, I'll send a pm. I have all the HD stations, except the locals. I'll look into an antenna, thanks.
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    I misunderstood, I'm on DirectTv here and no local HD either. I imagine smaller markets get negotiated last for all the providers.