No laughing matter, yet Bush Ben and Paulson are laughing

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by apak, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. apak


    does anyone know WHY the hell are they laughing

    did I miss something

    is something funny for god's sake
    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

  2. apak


    maybe they are laughing because they can never go broke

    they are in charge of printing presses

    they can buy my house with paper they print

    so now that I am into the joke

    Yeahh its pretty damn funny :mad: :mad:
  3. TGregg


    Some `tard just stood up and said the smart money was being invested in Brazil.

  4. Bush stomped Lurch's foot.
  5. Thinking that Brazil will be well off now that the BRIC countries represent half of the world economy AND half the world population ... as well as considering that the world population will at least be 10 billion by 2050, and now Spanish researchers just prolonged the lifespan of mice by 40% using telomerase increase and more - the first mammals to be modified as such, which would mean an average 110 year human lifespan ... well, when Brazil has the richest natural reserves in the world - it would be silly to think that Brazil would mean anything "smart" in the future... Granted, human conditions are miserable still, but a lot has been changed - while the BRL is just as volatile as ever, it seems.
  6. this is just an american way to smile a lot. people outside of US don't get it. an american comes to work and keeps a happy grin of his face the whole day. then goes home and kills himself - business as usual.
  7. scenic58


    Then why didn't Bush kill himself years ago and save his country, and the rest of the world an aweful lot of grief?

    What is totally mindboggling to those of us outside the USA is how come so many of the population still voted for a party that has convincingly destroyed it's country.

    Are there really that many idiots in America??
  8. bit


    Are you kidding me?! The media is ALREADY laying blame on Obama for the recession/depression. The media has been hammering away at the failed 700B bailout that the 'democrats pushed through congress', while at the same time pushing the agenda of the auto industry for their handout. It's laughable, but for the fact that those of us who live in the USSA will be paying $5 for bread in the not to distant future.

    And, no, I'm not a supporter of Obama, although he probably was the lesser of two evils, but that's hardly a reason to vote for him. The process is bought and paid for from the start.

    For the record, I'd really like to be wrong on this call, so if in the near future, we're not all fighting for water, gas and food ala MadMax then feel free to prove me wrong.
  9. agpilot


    Hello scenic58: I'll try to answer your last question by asking similar questions. Why don't more people learn to cut their investing loss quicker? Why did so many banks get caught in this subprime mess? Why do large groups of people often follow one leader similar to a herd of sheep" I started watching public reaction to Harry S Truman and two terms of "W" are about the worst selections I've seen so far.. People tend to self destruct and so do large groups of people including the usa. Watch a close family member self destruct with drugs and maybe you will understand that it is part of being human here on planet earth. Why did so many follow Hitler into WW2? The list goes on and on... Hindsite is often 20/20... Welcome to the world of humans... agpilot
    edit: I've a picture of "W" dressed to look like Hitler I should have included. There most likely will be more like "W" in other parts of the earth in the future... and there will be many that will follow him no matter what. so history will repeat again