No Kwanzaa Klause rally this year?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riddler, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. riddler


    I thought we would have a Kwanzaa Klause rally this year but by the way we are trading today, I doubt it.
  2. To buy NKE may be a good "pure play" for a Kwanzaa Rally. :cool:
  3. riddler


    I know Kwanzaa Klause brought my friend Jamal some gold teeth , my friend LeShawn some bail money, and my friend shaneeka some much needed birth control pills. Unfortunately, Kwanzaa Klause' little black elves stole some hub caps and market momentum.
  4. da-net


    Damn, I did not know that hubcaps were back in style. I thought it was 22s:D
  5. zdreg


    obviously you have inside info that every black in america will be receiving a coupon to buy 1 pair free courtesy of hussein obama. exceptions are thomas sowell and walter williams.
  6. I had to "google" those last two dudes.....whoops, I mean bro's. :cool:
  7. TILT2


    What is Kwanzaa Klause?
  8. It's a "who", not a "what".
  9. riddler


    Yes, dat be him, dat be Kwanzaa Klause. Where be his LIL black elves yo ?
    He look like he want ta say , " guess who's comin ta dinner " ?
  10. if you leave a watermelon and a bucket of KFC at your doorstep he will come
    #10     Dec 29, 2011