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    So restaurants, hotels, airlines and even grocery stores want to ban kids from entering. Isnt this age discrimination? I mean, if this is legal, couldnt one also ban say senior citizens from hotels, grocery stores, movie theaters, ect too?

    If you say its ok to ban kids because they are noisy, then businesses should also be allowed to ban black people since they are noisy at say movie theaters too. Now some of you might say "come on, Peil...not all blacks are noisy at movie theaters" That is true....but not all kids are noisy at movie theaters either....
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    I agree that kids under a certain age should not be allowed in certain restaraunts or movies, i cant stand it when i go to a nice restaraunt only to have to listen to some persons 6 month old kid wailing away throughout the whole meal, or movie.

    If people had some common sense this wouldnt be necessary, I cant even believe how oblivious most people are when it comes to that sort of thing. I wouldnt mind if most parents were smart and they took their kid outside when it was crying but its so annoynig when people just sit there like its nothing and spoil your whole night.

    I dont mind if parents bring their kids with them to a restaraunt like McDonalds, but if i take my date out to a high end restaraunt like A&W, i expect to be able to eat in peace with no babies crying, otherwise it ruins the athmosphere.
  3. LOL....High end restaurant like A&W!!! That made me laugh. :)

    I agree if a kid is screaming, the parents should be asked to leave, just as if someone in the restaurant started being loud should be asked to leave....but I definately do not think its right to ban someone just because you THINK they might make a noise.
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    You have a point. Most places are run by kids these days, and they don't have the guts (or management's backing) to tell a noisy family to quiet down or leave. So now we want to rely on a rule to do the dirty work.

    When I go out to eat I deliberately pick places that are too expensive for most families to take their kids. My home theater solves the other problem.
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    Legally it is not age discrimination to exclude children but banning seniors would be considered so.

    Banning blacks would be illegal as they are a protected class. You may not like that businesses can ban children but it is not illegal. Here's a rough list of what are legally considered protected classes i.e., race, religion, sex, age (over 40), disability, etc.
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    I wish I could fire all my smokers.
  7. I wish we could fire all the fat people.
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    I get more from them than I do the smokers. Even the fat smokers get up and walk out less.
  9. I love it! actually exists!!
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    If your were smart you would have never hired them in the first place.
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