No Justice For White Student Killed by BLACKS

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    New York - Many residents in New York City are unhappy with the disposition of the killing of a white New York University student by four black youths who chased him into oncoming traffic resulting in the student's death.

    First, the New York City Police Department refused to charges the four perpetrators with a bias crime. A spokesperson with the NYPD claimed the killing was not racially motivated even though one of the suspects was heard screaming "get the white boy!" The NYPD spokesperson said the case was being treated as a robbery, not a hate crime.
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    Please call the NYPD and tell them how they should treat the case.
  3. Im curious as to why these stories don't get the amount of coverage as... let's say... uh... the Duke Lacrosse situation?
  4. Me too. But then again, four black thugs yelling "get the white boy" and chasing him in a meancing manner, apparently there is no crime in that in NY.
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    An incident becomes news if it's of the "man bites dog" variety. White's assaulting people of color is much rarer than visa versa.

    I realize Tom Wolfe's late 80's mega-best selling fictional chronicle of NYC, Bonfire Of The Vanities has probably not been read by many of the younger guys on this site. Unfortunately it will be preserved through eternity by what's universally regarded as one of the WORST screen adaptations in history. Any one who's a trader and who particularly lives in a major city whether in America or Europe should place this book on their required list of summer reading. In fact I may start a thread on it.