No Job in the World is Safe for Next 7 years

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  1. USA debts has reached $75 Trillion according to Bill Gross, Head of PIMCO, the $1.2 Trillion money manager.

    My understanding is that no job in the world is safe for next 7 years. Any office or any factory or any industry can shut down anytime. Even the President and Prime minister job is not safe. Any President or any prime minister can be kicked out or fired from their jobs anytime.

    World people have to come out of their fantasy world that their job is safe for next 50 years. Salaries of all high paid employees will be reduced by 50%. If you have $50 Billion that does not mean you will never go hungry. So everybody please stop wasteful expenses and start saving for your future.

    Please remember the story of the Grasshopper and the Ants which says there was a grasshopper who was laughing at hard working ants who were storing food for harsh winter. The grasshopper was playing music and lazing around. After sometime there was harsh winter and no food around. The ants survived from stored food but the grasshopper died from starvation.
  2. World Derivatives is worth $600 Trillion, thanks to world leaders and financial people. People have forgotten derivatives.

    I will explain why you will go hungry if you have $50 Billion. When there is mass unemployment then billionaires who have $50 billion will have to donate $49 Billion or more since starving people are dangerous and they will fight for desperate food for their families.

    No money means no police and no army. Somebody said to me "if people do not listen to you, there will be civil wars worldwide".
  3. Any office or any factory or any industry can shut down anytime.

    If you turn every industry and company into a pinata, well then yes. Keep whacking the business with the baseball bat of regulation, social experiements, etc, till you get - free candy.
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