No Job at All! Trading Screwed Labor Dept report.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by NoMoreOptions, Oct 9, 2003.

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    The only US growth industry is the service industry lately.

    Become a doctor, nurse, medical tech, home builder, carpenter, hairdresser, fisherman, glazier, waitress, bartender, chef or anything along those lines and there is a real need for you.

    Paper pushing is definitely going the way of the dinosaur. So is being a lawyer as we have WAY too many now. We are going to see a huge shift in this country as all the tech and manufacturing companies are outsourcing to foreign countries.

    It happened to me....I was an electrologist and a better technology rendered me obsolete. I was making a very, very good living plucking hair. Now only doctors can do laser hair removal.
    I was out on my ass, and I saw trading as a new way to make even more money. When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade!

    Bobby needs a new boat and a Lotus. Market please make Mama happy.....
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  2. Mecro


    I would strongly disagree with waiter or bartender since it's real bad in the overall food/beverage service industry. If jobs are increasing, the labor pool is increasing in an exponential right.

    But nurse are being wanted everywhere. Thats what i told my mom to do, study to be a nurse. She's a programmer now, unemployed that is.
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  3. I predict that in ten years there will be ten to twenty times more dentists and lawyers than there are now in America. Medical school and law school will be more accessible for poor kids.

    Don't you agree?
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    I guess since I live in resort areas our classified ads are different than yours. There are dozens of ads for wait staff. Not that I would want that job. Hungry people are nasty.:(

    I agree, nursing is good vocation.:)
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  5. is there a website that accurately forecasts the thursday 8:30 am jobs data????
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    Larry, judging by the action today, I would think it will not be good. is pretty good.
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  7. "The true is that there is no job out there at tall. Job loss number continue to be on the plus side. "

    Lets see it should say.......The truth is, there are no jobs out there at tall.
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  8. Mvic


    Errr... I think you mean "at all". ROFLMAO
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  9. Oh this is cute, the fucking "free-market" crowd are exporting jobs as fast as they can, and this crowd is critiquing grammar and spelling!

    Is this forum the epitome of 21st Century American shallowness, and shortsightedness, or what?

    I'd ask that this pig be put out of it's miser one more time, but I must assume that the person in charge now works in Singapore, and can't read english - WE ARE ALL DOOMED!
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  10. Much worse problems are ahead which will make the problems now appear at least somewhat enjoyable. For example when natural resources are consumed in the opposite continents, and junks reverse their course starting to ship back... then the grammar and spelling errors will be forgotten at one side but rise on the other.
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