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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by r-in, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. r-in


    for Friday 12/19. Anyone else missing their statement for last Friday when they go to IB to download?
  2. Also missing ... probably just a glich that they will fix when they get in the office in Chicago. That is my hope anyway ...
  3. a5519


    Yes, it's a big problem and not the first time. Friday was options expiration day and this causes problems for IB, it seems.
  4. We always hear about problems with IB. Why not change to another broker?
  5. r-in


    Calling it bashing if you want, but this isn't a problem I've had with any other firm at expiration. Do they allocate their time to the big guys 1st at expiration ?
  6. r-in


    I guess the desire to see for myself how IB operated was my reason for trying IB. I 'll be ok as long as all is correct in the platform, which it is. I would prefer the statement as backup though.
  7. You get very low commissions. And very low service. If you want more service, you have to pay more.
  8. No Sir, you are completely wrong. I pay low commissions with IB - and I got my account statements for Dec 19.

  9. chag sameach

    have you ever used IB as broker?

    I am happy customer there for almost 4 yrs
  10. No. I don't like their platform. And I have just seen too many complains here about their service and technical problems.
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