No House vote Thursday night on debt ceiling

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  1. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The House Republican leadership Thursday night cancelled plans to vote on the plan by Speaker John Boehner to increase the debt ceiling and cut the deficit by an estimated $915 billion over 10 years. It's unclear whether Boehner will try to schedule a vote again on the bill on Friday or modify it. Many Republicans opposed the bill, and all Democrats in the House were reported to also be against it. The deadline to lift the debt ceiling or risk a default is Aug. 2, according to the Treasury Department.

    LMAO. If there is any country in the world which has just fallen below banana republic status (and honestly I have no expression for such a country) it´s the US of A. How can you allow to have such a bunch of incompetent politicians???? I don´t get it. :eek:
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    US society has been non-Darwinian almost since the beginning.

    It is not the strong or the smart who survive and prosper. The smart folks produce less children than the dumb folks. Given enough time you end you where we are today.
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    Good for the tea party. They have had it with Boner's lies. Cut the size of this govt or no raise in ceiling. I fail to see how that is banana republic. It is the only true solution. To just raise taxes and continue on is lunacy. Our people actually want to cut it down and are serious. If we compare to say.... I dunno.......Europe? They want all the free cheese they can get, except none of the taxes. Taxes are going to have to go up up, when Europe wakes up and decides to actually think about paying for all those future bills. As for Boner Reid et all ....They could get this deal done in 2 mins. Unfortunately for old big gov Washington, that means to cut.

    Edit- I'm starting to question whether Obama for some reason wants this. Who the hell is this guy anyway? One budget 2 years ago, rejected 97-0. And nothing since then. He's been told forever, they want cuts. And he appears dumbfounded. He's not dumb, I don't buy that.
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    Do not worry

    Do not worry

    They still have the entire weekend ready to set something up, they will not allow August 2nd to come and go without raising the debt ceiling, this will all be resolved in the last hours before August 2nd arrives!

    Buy the DIPS!!!!!!

    :p :p :p :p :p
  5. the market -1% AH.

    the idiots in Washington are really trying to place themselves in a situation where the market WILL soon FORCE them vote for a deal.
  6. The problem is most American voters don't actually want less government. Obama knows this. Boehner knows this, too, although he'll never state it directly.

    The TP folks...

  7. Yes, because much of the private sector has been sucking off of all of the government waste as well. Hence, corporate cronyism needs this orgy of deficit spending just as much as the so-called "parasites" at the bottom living off of the public dole.

    Everyone in between is just fodder in this debate.
  8. The GOP has shot themselves in the foot. Again.

    The delay in the vote shows everyone they can't get their act together.

    Reid's plan is no better - but the Dems came out and took a stand and people see that as not being obstructionist.

    Now everything bad that comes out of this in the markets is going to be hung on the Republicans because they are seen as disorganized and hemming and hawing.....
  9. It is dangerous as it means both sides have already become radicalized with not an inkling of moderation, this wound left to fester will lead to the dissolution of the Union.
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    So true.

    I got into a heated discussion in P&R with the republicans there who insist they must have their medicaid and social-security checks with no means testing and no reductions no matter what it means for the country. They aren't much different from the democrats in that regard. We are doomed to high taxes and large government under our current system. No significant reductions in spending will ever be made.

    I've been considering emmigration but of course cannot escape US taxes for 10-years evidently. The US is like the USSR, they won't let us leave. So much for freedom.
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