No honor among theives

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradershonor, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. There is among theives in wal lstreet in chicago or New York. At one time broker firms were not public companies and exchanges were not public companies. The fraud in wal lstreet started to go big time when companies like goldman sachs lehman bros went public and the exchange was no longer old boys network and owned by the traders and investment firms not some unaccountable public companies.

    maybe the exchanges and brokers need to go back to ownership by traders or private companies whose board of directors are real owners of the firm and exchange.

    The problem with MF global and former lehman and even goldman sachs is that the board of directors taker orders from the CEO ,,the ceo is the KING and no accountable to the sharholders or board of directors. that is the problem with wall street.