No health reform, we can trust the insurance companies.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigarrow, Apr 1, 2010.

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  2. Don't be silly the baby had his surgery and now the fight is about who's gonna pay and how much?

    I can't say as I blame the ins company especially if you prefer low rates.

    People need to know there is no guarantee their little bundle of joy is going to survive and that spending unlimited resources to do so is not feasible, rational or moral.

    Life isn't perfect and endlessly throwing money at each less than optimal situation in life won't change that fact.
  3. I agree let the bastard die, no money no treatment PERIOD! Fucking liberals.
  4. My understanding was that he's not a bastard, didn't you watch your own clip?
  5. Correction: let legitamate liberal socialest baby die, no money no treatment PERIOD!
    Thanks index I missed that, us conservatives gotta stick together.

  6. I didn't realize theres a new species called sub-human.

  7. What is it with people who get their panties in a wad over observations of inconvenient facts of life?

    It's a shoot the messenger mentality. While I'm sure ignoring reality will make you fweel better, it does nothing else.

    Go ahead and pretend you live in never never land. The world isn't perfect (according to your standards) so grow up and deal with it.
  8. Arnie


    Did any of you watch the video?

    She did not have coverage. How's that for being responsible. A woman of child bearing age, gets pregnant with no insurance. Of course the ins co will deny coverage.....after the fact. If she had had coverage during the pregnancy, the baby would have been covered!

    Also, the baby had "life saving surgery". I agree our system is broken, but the kid will live and the parents will pay for a really dumb decision.

    The Tracy's are both small business owners and do not carry health insurance for themselves. They do carry insurance on their two other children and tried to get insurance for Houston, but they found out Wednesday his coverage was denied.

    How many of you guys with wives would get pregnant without insurance?

    I went to and entered info on a family of four from Dallas/Ft Worth. They could have bought a policy with a $2500 deductible for as little as $352/month.
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  10. still trying to figure out why:

    -- they will spend over a $million trying to keep alive, a baby delivered as early as 4.5 months premature.
    -- or if someone shoots a woman in the stomach and she survives but an as yet 6-month unborn baby dies, the shooter can be charged with a crime in addition to shooting the mother.

    but even in the 8th month or so, it can be aborted and tossed into the medical waste bin.

    I don't support killing abortion doctors, as it is murder. But in my mind, it is a murderer killing a mass murderer.
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