No Happy Clappy Democracies

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. The libtards got in way over their head with this guest, fantastic:

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  2. jem


    that guy wrote a very good show on the financial crises which made it on to PBS or frontline.

    He seems to be one of the few clear thinkers allowed on television or the media these days.

    I suspect he will be blackballed soon.
  3. Indeed. He was no BS and made those media folk all look like deer in headlights...
  4. pspr


    We need to hear more from this Ferguson guy. He saying what rational people are thinking about Ovomit and his foreign policy.
  5. Yea, and the libtards are already crediting Obama for success in Egypt.
    They have no clue what can replace Mubarak. [​IMG]
  6. Good one. I like that! [​IMG]
  7. A Harvard Professor no less. He must have tenure, or he'd be out on his ass. It's always fun watching Mika look like a stooge, which isn't all that difficult. She's always looking either confused or appalled. How does a dope like this get a position on TV? Helps to have a daddy with connections.