No good reason for the selloff

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  1. markets should be green

    this selloff makes no sense. idiots keep selling. The fudamentals of the US economy are sound.

    nothing changed at all regarding the economy, except for financial and retail sectors.

    Those two sectors drag down everything.

    No shit the 2nd tarp i the same as the first. What else did ppl expect?

    These liquidity injections are working. Stimulus works. Bailouts work.
  2. who ever said there needed to be a "good reason" for the market to do anything?

    It just does what it does.
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    the man is joking, why are you responding seriously :confused:
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    You ARE LUCKY the DOW is still sitting at 7800 and the spx at 826.

    These 2 indexes should down an additional 15-25% from where they are today.

    You havent a clue what is going on in this economy do you, its only going to get worse. This crisis wont find a bottom for many many years. Your DOW 14k prediction probably wont happen until 2020+.
  5. Google, Apple, Rimm, Ma, Visa for example, don't need credit or banks because they are very profitable. There are many companies on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 that are thriving despite this fake media generated crisis. Also, banks will still lend to ppl with collateral. People can still max out credit cards to buy stuff and take out home loans.
  6. I get paid to post at ET, don't you :p


  7. You fuckin bears are all the same, cumming in your pants over the last 3 months and acting like the world is going to end. This small move down isn't going to last so enjoy your pathetic downward move. It's morons like you that try and prevent progress.
  8. its kind of a sell the news type situation. we rallied into the this expecting a stimulous package which we got. now that we have it,what else is there to look forward too?
    also,the street does'nt seem convinced that this package will be enough...
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    You have to decide whether you're a trader or an investor.

    If you're a trader, go with what the market gives you... don't try to justify your views about the market.

    If you're an investor, you have an investment thesis for taking your positions that you have to examine whether it still holds true or not. If it still holds true, one has to be patient to see it to fruition.

    A lot of investors start out as investors then turn into traders when they can't handle the heat. Similarly, a lot of traders turn into investors when they find themselves in losing positions and can't take the loss.
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