No GM left to short on IB :)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by scriabinop23, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. heheh.. i've been scaling into this short and my last entry is 36.00. Tried to enter a higher up limit order and got a note there is none left to short..

    Is that a bad sign of a giant short squeeze to come?

  2. Well,

    I hope your sized appropriately to your portfolio. Good luck with earnings and remember the equity is used to hedge credit exposure as well...
  3. when i entered my last order, it was for a final 100 share block. nothing large. Thats what prompted this post.
  4. S2007S


    no shares to short here, however I would be buying the Jan 07 30 puts at $1.15
  5. mskl


    sold 10
  6. this is a riot...

    gm up 5% yest

    another 3% today

    must have cured cancer cause they certainly arent making any money selling cars...
  7. Hurry go tell them, they might find out what you know, since you know so much. LOL, i'm jk.
    I don't like the car industry, for some reason they almost get slammed hard. I wouldn't touch F with a ten foot poll, that's because there is no car that they sell that I myself find attractive (Ford GT is the only car i would buy from them)!
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    GM is not just a car company - they have the GMAC mortgage stuff going on too

    I'm not bullish on them but think you should be aware there's more than GM vehicles to the company.

    Thought they owned SAAB at one time - not sure though
  9. with the booming housing market, I can tell you personally GMAC mortgage is definitely not a liability !!! :)
  10. tef8


    The company writing the mortgage isn't the loser - think about the interest and how it's paid (ie you pay a heck of lot more for your house than it's selling price by the time you're done - they get the "purchase price or most of it early on).
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