No future for RIMM

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by retaildaytrader, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. If you were the CEO of a company, after seeing all these scandals on television and emails being displayed prominently everywhere with such telling info...would you want your workers equipped with Blackberries sending un-thought out emails at a bar or on the go? What was once a tool that helped people get through 9/11 is now a tool that gets people in trouble with government regulators and in court in general. At this point, I dont see much of a future for RIMM.
  2. RIMM's future does not look especially bright at the moment, but not for any of the reasons you mentioned.
  3. Yeah, I agree 100% with your comments. I also hear that kiddie porn looks like crap on the bberry browser.
  4. Hey buddy, You do not intimidate me. I wont respond to you further...good day pal.

  5. gobar


    once stock loses 20% or more retail trader comes with big question

    this company will go bankrupt

  6. Yep. Once a stock loses 20+%, then something is definately wrong.

    As for bankruptcy for RIMM, I can see it happening a few years from now. There is no social or business value for the Blackberry. Business- A source of unthought mindless emails that gets everyone in trouble. Social- You look like a geek if you dont have an iphone. I dont see any growth here and it will probably do a BP and sink below the March 09 lows. Just my opinion.