No Fly zone will cost US 9 billion dollars!

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  1. This is the part that is a bit confusing, if we are so tight in cash that we are going to cut 4 billion from education and billions here and there to make ends meet why are we going to spend 9 billion dollars over in Libya?

    So the Republicans are upset that we are not cutting enough but then it is okay to spend 9 billion dropping bombs in Libya?

    For that I would rather see the 9 billion be used here for shit like Scholarships for our own people, etc..
  2. Probably comes out of the military budget.
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    I agree. Christina Amanpour should just assassinate Ghaddafi next time they meet and get over with it...
  4. 10% of the 9 Billion get paid to the lobbyist that sealed the deal.

    Unfortunately the poor and middle class don't have the $ to retain the power brokers to advocate on their behalf.
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    i remember that the italy receive like 37% of their oil from libya..they are NATO members,right? so let them fly around and take care this no fly zone shit..France are so eager about that too..they can fly around together..
    i wish i have voting button on my PC..i'm not paying for this shit..
  6. 300,000,000 US citizens X $30 = $9 billion USD.

    Why don't they just go door to door and collect the money. Hire some unemployed people to do it.
  7. The shit that gets me is congress is all hot about cutting costs, yet they are for this 9 billion dollar expenditure.

    It is obvious that the American populace is tired of these wars, yet congress still chooses to go the opposite route.

    Of course Fox news is trying to drum up the war propaganda.
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    It will cost more than that, no doubt. The iraq war was only supposed to cost 50 billion dollars, to be paid for with iraqi oil. Does anybody seriously think Libya won't be the next Iraq?
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    Tom B

    This was not a Congressional decision. This was a Presidential decision. This all on your hero Obama.
  10. Why is congress not making noise? And the republicans were all up in arms because he was not already in libya. Fox news and neocons all up in arms that we were not already involved.
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