No fly zone...NO WAY

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  1. We have no business in Libya! None! Zero! Nada! We get no oil from them and the land is of no value. The Euro's want to trade blood for oil, it's their problem. It's bad enough we trade our own blood for the oil we get.
    The humanitarian perspective. Again, not our problem. It's their country and if they, or their government want to slaughter each other, let'em have at it. The killing is on them, not us.
    It's just one more domino in radical Islam taking over the region? Again, couldn't care less. I don't give a flyin' F if the whole region goes radical Islam. It's their business. It only becomes our business if they get violent with us. That happens, then it is our business and we take care of business the way it should be done. No boots, just bombs. Big F'N bombs until they get the point we ain't playin'. Until then, they can kill each other to their hearts content, or learn to live in peace. It's on them.
  2. not just NFZ now, there are indications from Hillary that air strikes might be carried out not just against SAMS but armed convoys, artillery, armour etc. Gadaffi is rapidly closing in on the last rebel stronghold.
  3. So I guess she would be OK with China or Russia bombing the USA if we had some uprising going on here.
  4. Lucrum


    Does this mean Obama is a Neocon?

  5. Looks that way. His boardroom bosses want another war, there will damn well be another war. Money is running thin, and the Bernak can only print so much. Killing from a distance for no reason, AND making money. What can be better than that?
  6. Interesting that the extreme right uses the examples of WWII and how we should have gotten involved sooner. The extreme left don't think we should be any type of military action for oil or even spreading democracy. We wanted Saddam, and destroyed a country. We want Bin Laden, and invaded the wrong country when we could have gone to the right place. Now, we're in the right place, supposedly Afghanistan, and still not doing very well.

    Now, with another dictator killing their own people it appears that in some bizarro world, that both sides agree but for much different reasons. How does this compute on both ends? Obame too weak? Obame too hawkish? Hmm, makes one wonder.