'No fail' Gm up again

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. bad auto sales but GM stock is actually higher.


    as I sad b4 no one cares about auto sales. including the actual auto companies. Same for home sales.

    Now may be a good time 2 buy GM stock because Obama won't ever let them fail and cheaper gas + increased foreign sales are a positive sign.

    so buy GM
  3. up 9%..thus another winner so far
  4. up yet another 5%...not too shabby
  5. stock_trad3r,

    I am not arguing with you here, but don't you feel that you might be doing some readers here a major disservice by telling them to buy this stock as you did in the first post?

    If you have disposable income to burn and are up for the risk I think you could validate your claim, but for an average $ investor not a good idea.

    Do you agree?
  6. GM is a good addition to a portfolio considering that Obama won't let it fail. Sales are picking up overseas and falling gas prices=more sales for SUVs.

    GM stock is up yet again today. Too big to fail=too big to go down
  7. Even the HUMAN RACE failed once before and was SHORT'd into oblivion at that time......ANYTHING can fail and at any time! :eek:

  8. Americans (largest car market in the globe) are dead broke. Goodluck GM