No evidence wounded hit by friendly fire at Fort Hood...

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  1. This report brought to you by the same folks who told all of us that Pat Tillman was killed by "devastating enemy fire."

    Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal approved the Silver Star citation on April 28, 2004, which gave a detailed account of Tillman's death including the phrase "in the line of devastating enemy fire", but the next day he sent a P4 memo warning senior government members that Tillman might actually have been killed by friendly fire.[10] Top commanders within the U.S. Central Command, including former Commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) General John Abizaid, should have been notified by the P4 memo,[11] which described Tillman's "highly possible" fratricide, four days before Tillman's nationally televised memorial service during which he was lauded as a war hero for dying while engaging the enemy.[12][13]

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  2. FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) - The military says the suspected gunman who allegedly carried out the mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, fired more than 100 rounds.

    And at a late news conference from the Army post, Col. John Rossi said 23 people remain hospitalized from the attack, about half of them in intensive care. Thirteen people were killed. Twelve were military and one was a civilian.

    The suspect, Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan (nih-DAHL’ mah-LEEK’ hah-SAHN’), has been transferred from a hospital near Fort Hood to an Army hospital in San Antonio. Rossi wasn’t aware of Hasan’s condition, but earlier reports indicated Hasan was in a coma.

    So this guy who was a shrink, walks into this place with a hand gun, gets off more than a hundred rounds, and the soldiers just stand around like deer in the head lights as he reloads?

    None of our finest and bravest rushed this guy to take him out?

    The guy who was dressed in full Muslim garb, in Texas, just stood there firing, reloading, firing, reloading, firing, reloading, firing...and finally some chick had to take him out?

    Sounds about as reasonable as a lone gunman in Dallas in 1963, or a bunch of guys hijacking planes and flying them directly into the twin towers...
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  4. So they claim that he had 10-20 emails exchanged with some high end religious figure from Al Queda.

    This guy is part of US Army. Is he really dumb enough to use US Army communications to communicate with Al Queda?

    I highly doubt it.
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