No Difference Between Skilled Jobs and Unskilled Jobs

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  1. World people say computers, engineering, medical and other brain related jobs are skilled or highly skilled jobs and these people are paid high salaries.

    Whereas farming, construction, mining and other hard physical labour jobs are unskilled jobs and does not require brains. These people are paid less salaries.

    This is the biggest idiot and meaningless argument I have ever heard.

    People involved in hard physical jobs, they eat more food because they burn more energy and they need more money for food. Also without mining there will be no computers. Without buildings there will be no place for skilled jobs. Basically brain jobs are depended on muscle jobs.

    So brain jobs and muscle jobs should be paid equal salaries. There should be no distinction between skilled jobs and unskilled jobs.

    Correct me if I am wrong?
  2. Who'dve thought? Ricter and bearice on the same intellectual level, in agreement on key issues. LMAO! This is just priceless...

    Neither one understand simple concepts of supply and demand.

  3. What I mean is that excess money from high paid brain jobs should be diverted to less paid muscle jobs. This is known as proper distribution of wealth.
  4. Yes, Ricter and all the resident communists will agree with you.

  5. Why should a farmer grow food on 10,000 Acres of land when this farmer can feed his family with 50 acres of land?

    Everybody should start growing food for their families on 50 acres of land. Forget computers, engineering, medical etc...

    Without trash man and servants the human world will suffer in trash and dirt. I always think trashman and servants should leave their jobs and let people suffer in stink and smell instead of working for less money. All good jobs are equally important for world economy.

    I think today the world economy is having serious financial crisis because of big difference in salaries of muscle jobs and brain jobs. I am just saying that muscle jobs should be paid more money so that strong people and hard working people can eat more food and their family can live a better life.

    All jobs are depended on each other for the world economy to function properly.


    It all really comes down to this.

    For Want of a Nail

    For want of a nail the shoe was lost.

    For want of a shoe the horse was lost.

    For want of a horse the rider was lost.

    For want of a rider the battle was lost.

    For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.

    And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.
  6. Poster:

    Dirt farmers rock!

    I reckon, all farmers should get triple for their crops/produce. They've been getting ripped off for too long.

    Potatoes, apples, oranges, milk etc have been a similar price for ten years but the poor old farmer has had to cope with rising costs and still sell his goods at rediculously low prices while the retailers get top dollar in the shops

    Anyway IMHO, any person that pays tax or has paid tax, volunteers or tries to be self sustainable is a contributing member of society.

    Wealth is often looked upon in monetary aspects, but that is not true wealth.
    True wealth is being able to have lots and lots of knowledge and to be able to put food on the table without reliance on others, or atleast, semi reliant.

    IMHO, if a construction worker, like a bricky or carpenter can only work to 50 or 60 because their body is warn out, then it's up to our society to look after these people.
    Without skilled people (which embrace all professions - even the kalahari bushmen), society crumbles, so it's up to us to ensure all people are cared for.

    Just as a doctor can't grow a lettuce, build a house or fix a dunny, nor can the average bloke do heart surgery, but they sure can, if they have the training or the opportunity to learn.

    No one is more important than another, it's just a perception that people have been brought up to believe.
  7. I read somewhere that prostitutes earn $50,000 per night.

    Farmers are forced to sell their crops at less price so that uncontrollable world rising population get cheap food. Ultimately farmers suffer in poverty and die.

    Physical hard labour leads to body worn out at early age so muscle jobs should be paid more money so that these people can lead a good old age life.

    I have seen old labourers begging on the streets in India because they cannot work at old age.

    I think India has the biggest problem of low wages/salaries for muscles jobs.

    Actually I am talking about MBA, CA, giant banks jobs and other financial jobs where people are paid very high salaries/wages. But these people do not deserve big money since the world economy is in serious financial crisis today because of these financial people.

    I agree doctors are important for human world but doctors also have problems.
  8. Everybody is forgetting this serious information.

    Farming and muscle jobs are paid less money but still there is high inflation worldwide. If today farmers are paid 3 times more money for their crops and muscle jobs are paid more money then what will be world inflation?

    So best way to keep inflation at current level and still pay farmers 3 times more money for their crops, is to divert all the money from useless professions such as pornography ($158 billion per year), prostitution, world movies are one of the biggest waste of money, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, world sports also consume lots of money.

    Also divert some money from high paid brain jobs to farming and other muscle jobs.

    Confiscate or takeaway 100% money from world pornography, prostituiton, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, world movies and give this money to world Farming and muscle jobs.
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  10. Used to be known as that in communist countries. They also killed those pesky intellectuals.
    OMG You are really thick.
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