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  1. Has anyone traded through FX SOL or FXCM with no dealing desk? If so how was your experience. All is appreciated.

  2. yes, I have used the no dealing desk via FXCM. The spread rarely changes from 3--occasionally it flashes 2 or 4 pip spread. MB has a much better no dealing desk platform.
  3. I've been using fxcm no dealing desk. It doesn't do much of anything. The spreads on eur/usd only get down to 2 pips every once in a while and usually only for a split second before you can actually get an order in. I also noticed that it takes longer to confirm the order in the no dealing desk as to where the retail side usually fills you right that second.

    I stopped trading at fxcm about a month ago. There's so many better forex brokers out there with lower fixed spreads. You can give the no dealing desk a shot at fxcm, maybe it's getting better. But I just think they made that option available to keep guys around for a bit longer that are ready to leave.
  4. I'm afraid that No Dealing Desk in this industry means everything required has been built in with the software. :D
  5. I have had a good experience so far with FXCM no dealing desk. I trade certain news releases and actively trade in the early morning (4am-8am) EST. I don't trade with FX Solutions but I haven't heard good things.
  6. FXCM NDD platform has decent spreads and most important no dealer requotes. Good for trading moderately volatile events.
  7. i have a good experience with the no dealing desk with fxcm so far. great spread, excellent execution, awesome service (as well as educaiton that comes with it, too). their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.
  8. FXCM is the biggest scam , bucketshop around, check out MB
  9. no way, dude. i won't go to manhattan beach trading even if you pay me for it! what do you like about them?
  10. i've seen several posts by Nick and obviously you have strong feelings against FXCM. i've noticed that you've characterized them as a "bucket shop" in several posts you've made.

    not sure what you define as a bucket shop considering their financials with the CFTC show otherwise. they have quite a bit of money and i've entrusted them with my own account for roughly 3 years.

    i'm no babe in the woods (been trading over 9 years; 4 in FX) and i've done my homework. i'm pretty sure, as best as i can tell, that FXCM is a pretty big player and so far the pricing/execution i get through them has been solid.

    obviously, there's no "perfect" market maker and even they have room for improvement. but in terms of the overall package i'm pretty happy with them and pretty confident that they won't disappear off the face of the planet anytime soon...not something that i can say for many of the smaller shops out there that might be better suited for the characterization of "bucket shop". ;-)
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