NO DEAL! Back to the Senate

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    Nobody else is reporting that the deal is off, just that the deal is uncertain right now.
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    One hour ago, a CNN reporter said that Cantor said he does not support the deal. There's no mention of the rest of the house - does Cantor have the ability to stop a vote?
  3. I can't find anything else either. I think they believe everyone will follow Cantor's lead.

    It's a shit deal, if Cantor doesn't support it then the rest of them have an excuse not to support it.
  4. Yahoo finance just reported it.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me. I have myself positioned for the possibility of a sharp fall tomorrow. When they couldn't even back their own on that Plan B everyone should have known there was a real danger of something like this happening. Boehner's only goal is to be re-elected as Speaker, and Cantor lusts after that job and knows the more extreme he goes the more likely it is he'll get it. So neither has an interest in passing anything that would put their own maneuverings in danger.
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    Politico says there was a big revolt in the GOP meeting and even Cantor said he wouldn't vote for it. It really was a bad deal for America. It needs some major changes because there is $300 billion in new spending and only $21 billion in cuts of which only $2 billion happens in 2013.

    No deal, Obama. Let's all go over the cliff together and do something that makes sense for a change later.
  7. I'm surprised. Has any bill ever been shot down in the House after getting over 80 votes in the Senate?
  8. I just love it when the mkt is wrong. I love taking advantage of the stupidty of longs and inefficiancies of a woefully broken market.

    Sadly, Ben will step in because it has become the feds mandate to save the stock market.

    Too bad.
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    Ben's out of bullets. He's already got us QE'd up to our eyeballs.

    Maybe the crash team will be called in.
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