No day trader on this planet can make yearly profits

Discussion in 'Trading' started by teewoods, Nov 13, 2019.

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    Been in this game for over 25years and yes we made money day trading back in the 90's but that was as a floor trader seeing real life bid offer in the pits . We scalped and won because we could see the big orders coming through from the brokers on the phone.

    In todays world Day traders might have a lucky year and show a net positive result in a year but year on year they will lose. Fact is no day trader can sustain profits year on year. I have seen traders who have a had a few year lucky streaks only to lose everything they had amassed over the year and some more in a year.

    Unless you are a bot you are NOT going to beat the market day trading.

    If you are a day trader stop the gambling today and either go long term or if you still fill like gambling then go to Vegas where you will have more success.
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  2. Do you think the fact that you spent 25 years doing it the easy way means that it's no longer possible?
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    Thank you for helping me build and maintain my moat!
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    Well you my fine sir are very wrong. This forum is packed with traders that could show you systems, methods and formulas that'll make your little peanut head spin.
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    What you said has some valid point. And I wouldn't disagree with that.
    Day trading is definitely not for Tom Dick Harry.

    But then since you have been trading for over 25 years,
    why only TWO posts ?!?!?
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  6. I disagree. In the 0 commission environment where you just pay regulatory fees you can easily martingale and make an easy buck - imo. I haven't daytraded in the 90s but with the whole 0 commission I'd say it's easier than ever (with good capital). It's not likely that you pick the wrong direction 20 times in a row and with portfolio margin and/or futures all you need to do it trade SPY (random direction), martingale on 10 cents up or down against you, re-pick the direction (randomly) and do that until you're green.
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    What I have been saying all along.

    Trading is still valid. My boys still making money. Eg Goldman Sachs traders. You just need to get on the same page.

    Now if a trade turns out to be intra day. That’s fine.

    But to pigeon hole oneself. -‘I never carry overnight’. That’s based on fear and ignorance.
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    This was stated many times here on ET. Nothing new. And might be true according to my sources.
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  9. I think you should read this as "I have no plan to carry overnight". I have both intraday and weekly positions, but did not hold weekly positions until I had a plan on how to deal with them.
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    Nonsense. To think that trading randomness can be profitable. And OP did say ‘over a year’
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