No curbs yet???

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  1. Thats strange I thought they kicked in with a 100 point drop.
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    I would have thought that too. PPT should be here around -200.

    Next week this will look like a minor dip when the DOW is up back above 14k.
  3. Not until the NYSE composite drops 150 points then CNBC will run a banner stating "curbs in".

    This curb permits program sales to be executed only on upticks and program buys on downticks.

    The next curb is when the DJIA drops by 10% then trading is halted.
  4. The eggberts and eggists and dogberts of the market keep selling
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    -200 coming
  6. yea looks like it today
  7. I want to see how well those curbs really work. There are no curbs in the futures.
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    Some posters seem to live in the past century and at times when the Dow was at the 5,000 level and a 200 decline translated to 4% off the index value.

    In this century and around this time, the Dow is at the 14,000 level and 200 point fluctuations are within its normal volatility range. Drops of 200 or so points mean nothing. Even of 400 points. The trend is up.


  9. Save your energy, you're supposed to come here to learn from the "Elite Traders" assembled here.

    They know not of which you speak: percentages.

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