No Country For Old Men

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    Sure, everyone knows that. EXCEPT the SEC of course, that does not do anything.
  3. So... you're saying there really is an SEC?
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    There is if you or I break their rules. :mad:

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    :p well, I am not sure... it's a little like the bigfoot you know, some claim to have seen it, some say they don't exist... I am inclined to believe that they do not exist, because if they haven't done anything about the following scandal, which has solid paper trail and can be proven quickly, they probably don't exist
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    "No Country For Old Men" -Awesome movie!
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    The reference to "No Country For Old Men" comes from just this one line.

    The criminals have become so daring in this industry that I think nothing can stop the deterioration of the US Financial system. The law does nothing about it. How can one not feel overmatched by the audacity of these people to do as they please?
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    Such an intense message.

    And by the way, thanks for formatting this one for us right brained folks!
  9. It's no different than 1929. White old Protestant guys were robbing everybody. Al Capone even commented on it. It was an Italian prosecutor that put them away and then some Democrats with balls that regulated the various aspects of the financial industry... 50 years later "deregulation" was the buzzword and 80 years later Democrats are owned by Wall Street...

    Trade well or die folks...
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    Proprietary cheating
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