No core beliefs for McCain/Palin

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IShopAtPublix, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Imagine if democrats started railing against trial lawyers, demanded tort reform and protested against judges "legislating from the bench". Would you be scratching your head? Yes democrats would have betrayed some of their core constitutiencies/beliefs.

    It is profoundly laughable to hear about the need for more regulation and Wall Street Greed from the republicans. Wall St. has been in bed with republicans forever.
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  3. McCain's taxation plan on employer health care benefits is insane. Health insurance premiums-in fact ANY AND ALL insurance premiums-should be straight, line item deduction.

    OTOH, it used to really piss me off when I'd shell out a hundred bucks for a Bears ticket using post-tax dollars while some corporate jockey was attending the same game on a comped, untaxed gratuity from his employer.
  4. jem


    yeah but it pissed him off that you writing off your vacations from the floor as trading seminars.

    this was my first attempt at a similey:D :D