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    i had a account with and my credit card got billed way too high. i already left a message on the mailbox, wrote 2 emails and keep calling, but i always stay in waiting lines until i finally give up. anyone else experiencing the same problems?
  2. were they part of lycos ?

    there is an announcement here on ET

    of them being sold to IDC and possibly

    being merged into E signal ...

    ok ... my facts could be wrong

    but if you call E signal maybe they can direct
    you to a responsible party who still works
    at or Qcharts etc

    good luck
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal


    There were some phone issues last week but they should be resolved and phone calls to the old support number should be forwarding to the new number. Just in case, here's the new phone number to use for CS or Billing issues:

    Quote Billing 781-687-8577

    Hours are M-F, 9am to 5pm EST.

    If you are still unable to reach someone tomorrow, please PM me with your phone # and account information and I'll forward directly.

  4. Atlantic


    this is their contact address - according to a lengthy mail they sent. but if you try it - you won't get an answer for whatever reason. customer service for users still sucks big time - sorry.
  5. Great

    This is why you got to LOVE this site.

    Sometimes it can really get you out of the dark.

  6. seb0022


    thank you scott, reached someone today and got everything settled.
  7. They were bought out by esignal. had BY FAR the worst customer service I've ever encountered. I called once at 350pm EST and got a message saying the company was in a meeting! I'm not joking.

    You'd be best served to just dispute the entire charge altogether. no longer exists - my guess is that someone over there overbilled a bunch of people and just pocketed the cash, leaving esignal to deal with it. If you dispute it and get refunded, I doubt esignal (the new will hassle you.
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    I hope you have better luck with the CS at than I had with esignal. They are very quick to deduct money from your credit card, but refunds are processed manually, and take many weeks unless you get very aggressive with the support desk, which I did, and funnily enough the refund was made the same day.
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    well, i got the amount credited, but then again they charged me the same amount 10 days later! i don´t get what they are doing...
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