No confidence in the truthfulness of government officials

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Brother, I am with you.

    I can honestly now say that not only do I not believe government officials at any level, and especially the higher rungs, I now believe they go out of their way to deceive, as they are beholden to a constituency that exercises its power in the most potent way: cash.
  2. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    This is a great site. Those democrats single handled destroyed everything while the republicans were in power.

  3. You shouldn't make such posts.... outs you as a DUMBASS. The FACT is RepuliClowns are horrid, DemoCraps are WORSE.. but only to the extent the DemoCraps should be shot first.
  4. Pot calling the kettel black.:confused:
  5. HELL NO.... ANYONE who supports NObama and the DemoCraps is a DUMBASS...

    I gag at the thought of either... :mad:

    Being disgusted with Bush (and rightfully so) is no excuse for foisting NObama and the Liberals on American citizens.

    Didn't your Momma ever tell you, "two wrongs don't make a right?"
  6. Stop crying like a little bitch. If you don't like it, you can run for offce, - nobody is stopping you. What has the last 3 conservative presidents given us?.... 3 fucking deficits. Obama won more electoral votes, more popular votes and more states---even states that haven't voted for a Democrat in years.

    I thought you were moving from the US? What countries were you thinking? Is Saudi Arabia one of your choices? They have a conservative government and no taxes. I bet your wife would love it too walking around in a fucking burka and then you can feel like a man again.