No citizenship, no country, no taxes?

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  1. Perhaps this belongs under a political heading, but the topic is not politics per se, so thougt it might be interesting to get ideas here. Here's the (hypothetical, of course) situation:

    Let's say you've decided you've had enough of the world's governments and their actions, policies, and taxation. So, you renounce your citizenship, and become a man or woman witout a country.

    Would you be then free of taxation obligations (I believe the U.S. still holds people liable for some period after renouncing citizenship)?

    How would you get travel visas and a passport?
    Would you need these?

    Aren't you allowed to visit many countries for rather lengthy periods without being a citizen (I thought the U.S. was something like 180 days per year)?

    Curious as to how or if this might work (in theory, of course), and any ideas.

    Thanks for any input!
  2. Thanks for the info and links, MoMoney!
  3. But if you didnt have any citizenship, you wouldnt have a passport, and couldnt travel at all.
    You would spend the rest of your life in a detention centre, or wind up like that iranian guy who lived in a french airport for a decade or something. That doesnt sound good...........
  4. Its very simple if you aren't from the USA or Philippines as these are the only two countries that tax you regardless of where you live. Get a passport from either a non taxing country, or from just about anywhere else, but don't live there. At least not for more than a certain number of months per year, depends on the country. Lots of people live under "perpetual traveler" status and pay no taxes. They also get to visit anyplace they wish, as they have a passport from someplace.
  5. I hear Antarctica is looking for citizens.
  6. Doing the PT thing is increasingly difficult.

    EU countries have modified recently their tax rules to close the perpetual traveler loophole. Under the new rules, if you don't spend more than 183 days anywhere, then you are taxed wherever you own your house, if you have no house, you are taxed by your country of citizenship.

    Living in a tax haven like Bahamas still works, but now you have to prove the taxman you spend more than 183 days a year there.

    In addition, countries are making more difficult to move to zero tax countries, like saying you still have to pay taxes for 4 more years even if you move there, or imposing absurd paperwork to release you of taxable status.
  7. Most of the so called "tax haven" countries (Antigua for example)...make you pay gigantic fees just to say you live there. Must stay xxxMonths every year. A $10,000 car costs you $70,000 or so....there really is no Free Lunch as far as taxation of some sort goes.

    Now, for "political /tax ex-patriates" - Listen to Jimmy Buffett's Banana Republic.

    Some of them are running from lovers
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  8. Who needs a car in the Bahamas?? :p :p :p

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