No Checks and Balances

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cuz69, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. cuz69


    Now Pelosi , Reid, Dod and Frank can run wild! Oh my God. That is scary!

    Well like Biden said, he will be tested in the first six months, and thats really not a surprise. Because it seems like every president is.

    I just hope for all of us, that wherever and whenever it is, not too many people get hurt.

    And that LYING SACK OF SHIT goes after them when it does!

  2. Listen you retarded loser with an IQ of 85! IF the republicans had control of Congress and the presidency would you be posting this same crap? Probably not!

    I am so f-king sick of losers like you with your hypocritical non-value-system founded on borderline personality disorder that cannot ever be impartial, and only view things from what YOU want.

    Total right-wing anti-American narcissistic losers!
  3. Now Pelosi , Reid, Dod and Frank can run wild! Oh my God. That is scary!

    It is scary. Obama has no political capital. Like Jack Welch said, they see red meat.
  4. kut2k2


    I think you're generous by at least 35 points.
    Absolutely not. I didn't hear any rightie bitching when Bush had control of Congress and the presidency for his first six years. Especially from a kool-aid guzzler like cuz00.

  5. cuz69


    Ohhh... Did I insult you or berate you? No.
    I just posted my opinion. And last time I checked this is the USA, and I am entitled to.

    So you can go FUCK YOURSELF !!
    Oh wait... KUT2k2 has to take his dick out of your ass first!
  6. cuz69


    Did you wipe ICEMAN's load from your mouth yet?

    It's amazing you have the ability to trade, and I am giving you the benefit of doubt there?

    It's seems like you are a follower! So you can follow ICEMAN and go FUCK YOURSELF.
  7. kut2k2


    Don't project your fag lifestyle onto your betters, turdbrain. If you trade like you post in this forum, you must be (a) one broke motherfucker or (b) a trust-fund baby with far more dollars than braincells.
  8. ak15


    I wouldn't pay too much heed to these KKK freaks. Their work is writ large here on ET for everyone to see.
  9. cuz69


    KKK?? where the hell did that come from? I didn't vote for Hussein because of his color.

    Another newsflash for you... If Colin Powell were running, I would have voted for you can take that KKK shit and shove it!
  10. ak15


    You've been all over the map here spewing your hatred for blacks. You can deceive yourself but not others.
    #10     Nov 6, 2008