No CBOT data?

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  1. Neither IB nor IQfeed are giving me 10 year notes data - any amiss?


    PS resolved - found out that Monday is a public holiday (not familiar with them all living in another country).
  2. this sucks ym is now a delayed quote on esignal . how much they going to want to make it a live symbol again ? i emailed esignal support but nothing back yet .
  3. Bond market is closed since 2pm.
  4. $60
  5. $60 total for the ym added in to globex es ,nq ,etc ?? forget it
  6. Surdo


    My times and sales in ZB are stuck too since 2pm!
    Maybe I need to put a little WD40 on them!
  7. Would KY work? ;-)

    Missed the early close notification completely :-( and thought it strange that the YM and Euro just kept ticking along.

    Tried to delete the thread (there were no responses at the time) but was not allowed.

    Never mind, matters could be worse. (don't like an open trade on a long weekend)

    Have a nice long weekend all.

  8. toorik


    so when does the 10y t-note start trading again? what time?

  9. Pfew..... that was a darn large move.

    Was very, very lucky to be on the right side of the move. (sizeable too).

    Am calling it quits for now and do not know if I'll trade again today.

    Still shaking....

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