No carb diet - anybody doing it?

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  1. If so, how's it working out?
  2. your out your so called mind.. NO CARBS??!! are you insane? have a death wish? :eek:
  3. Do you mean "no carb" or "low carb"?
  4. Carbs are okay. Just cut out the starch, from your diet and your posts.
  5. ughh, no ty.. not needed in the slightest to be in great shape.. carbs are essential.. as are all the macronutrients...the key is eating the right types and right timing
  6. the key is lots of plants! lots of healthy carbs! say no to beef! :confused:
  7. Lucrum


    I did Atkins several years ago and lost 20 pounds in in a couple of months. I love protein, but I did eventually get tired of no/low carbs.

    I did Nutrisystem for several months. Lost nearly another 20 pounds in several months. The food was good enough and generally easy to prepare. But the portions are bird size and I was almost always hungry.

    I'm currently just scaling back on total calories (without counting them)
    and eating somewhat healthier without going to extremes. Weight loss will be slower, but probably longer lasting.

    While a fad diet may be worthwhile for some just to kick off a weight loss program and get some momentum going. I think long term reasonable potions and at least some semi healthy foods with a dash of exercise is probably the way to go. A little moderation goes a long way.
  8. spot on... except for a bit more than a "dash" of excersise :D
  9. And not just as it relates to a dietary regimen. :p

    Cut starches and saturated fats to a minimum, but be sure to get adequate levels of healthy fats. You need adequate fats to feel satiated and to avoid stressing your body, but it's important to focus on the right kind of fats. Generally speaking, the caloric carb: protein:fat ratio in a healthy weight loss diet is about 40-50% carbs, 25-35% protein and 20-30% fats. However, that's only a rough guideline. Carbs have 4 calories per gram, while protein and fat each have 9 calories per gram. With that basic rule of thumb, there is no need for overpriced diet foods and fancy programs. Protein also satiates, but it should not be consumed in excess. Perhaps a little more if you exercise in any meaningful way. The body can digest only about 30 or so grams of protein in one sitting. The rest is converted to fat. So it's important to spread the protein in your meals throughout the day.
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