No capitulation by Trump on Sep tariffs?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Overnight, Aug 30, 2019.

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    we got 'til sunday. I say he flops
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    flops or flips?:cool:
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    China is the one that seems to be backing down, they hit US with tariffs and Trump hit them back the same day. China did nothing except release statements on how they want Trump to reverse it.

    Guess Trump was not being hyperbolic when he says China wants a deal more than he does.

    I guess China can't take the yuan hit or companies supposedly leaving.
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    My take on it is that China wants to delay the "talks" for as long as possible with the objective of keeping tariffs imposed on them as low as possible until about 4 months before the election. Around that time, especially if the global economy is weakening, they will have maximum bargaining power. A conspiracy theory: they want to give the US a little optimism for reaching a trade deal in exchange for not having the US get involved when they get involved in HK. They might think that if the US thinks we are close to a deal, we would be less likely to protest whatever China might end up doing to HK. That's all complete speculation of course. I have no idea what ends up happening.
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    Yeah I'm short VIX through october and long VIX basically all the way through 2020.

    I believe he's setting up for a trump pump in the near term and will start "getting tough on China" near Christmas. Probably something around stupid kids not getting enough presents. I dunno, whatever his drug induced shit-fit conjures up.

    China doesn't have to vote to elect a new president every 4 years. China has the US by the balls. Trump has to pump in order to get people back on his side. We had something like a 1000 point swing and finished this month back where we started. The volatility is so nuts that even stupid baristas at starbucks have something to say about it.
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    All wrong. China has the most to lose. They know it. They will blink but they got to figure out how to do it and yet save face which is important to them. Mr T could help them save face if he will...we shall see..
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    Tariffs on Chinese goods very close to maximum pain. I think the reason President Donald Trump raised it to 30% is to signal to the Chinese communists that he will ratchet tariffs higher and not lower if they still refuse to come to the table and sign that fair trade deal. Without, a fair trade deal, the only thing left for the US is to de-couple from China so, even 35% tariffs on Chinese goods would be acceptable! After all, we would be doing very little trade with China going forward. Switzerland NEVER signs any trade deals it considers unfair so, why should the US? Look how prosperous Switzerland is! It is also, not part of the European Union and does not support the Socialists of the European Union. Instead, Switzerland looks after the interests of its citizens like President Donald Trump is doing in the US? The US is on the right track. Japan is about to sign a fair trade deal with the US including, buying farm goods. Other countries will follow suit! China will be on the outside looking in!
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    Trump is making up phone calls and fabricating sit downs to keep the market afloat, that's desperation. He'd sooner have Navarro shot on the WH lawn and throw his base under the bus than have his illusion exposed.

    or not

    China's retaliation:

    China’s retaliation took effect as of 12:01 p.m. Sunday in Beijing, with higher tariffs being rolled out in stages on a total of about $75 billion of U.S. goods. Its target list strikes at the heart of Trump’s political support -- factories and farms across the Midwest and South at a time when the U.S. economy is showing signs of slowing down.
    China Hits Back at Trump With Higher Tariffs on Soy, Autos
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    What is the point of tariff if they already stopped buying soy from the US?
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