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How to enter a position

  1. MOO

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  2. limit scale orders around expected open

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  3. limit scale orders around expected open + again later e.g. 10:05 inside the spread

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  4. fixed time entries (e.g 9:35, 9:46...) with market orders

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  5. wait and see what I can get

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  1. nummik


    I looked into this site from time to time during the last 2 years and just today gave me a push to use it as a journal and maybe even write what errors I made during the years.

    Bought to open
    b/o ADVNB @ 32.45 (my average purchase price)
    b/o KB @ 74.22
    b/o SBS @ 17.40
    b/o AYI @ 35.92

    In case somebody should ask:
    I select my stocks using a combination of various screening parameters (don't ask;), I already own some other stocks (but think it is best to start my journal "near" realtime.

    I usually buy between 9.30 and 10.10 and hope to post my entries shortly afterwards (it's the other way round to some journals...). The holding duration can be between 1 (rarely) to 60/80 (rare too) days, most make it 1-4 weeks.

    Most of the stocks I buy are not huge volume stocks (min. 50k) and the spread might be up to 0.7 % or more therefor I try to get between the bid/ask. I also look at recent history to figure out if the stock tends to weaken after the open. As far as I recall once every 7 or 8 operations the price heads north and I end up with a much higher price than if just tried a ask+ limit with reduced displaysize (IB'sTWS). I remember reading, if you want a stock buy it at the market (if I close I more often use market orders)...

    Are there people around with more detailed studies regarding this problem (I know there are;)?
    Maybe I try a poll..

    Entering a position I would if forced use:

    1) MOO
    2) tight limit scale orders around the expected open
    3) tight limit scale orders around the expected open + later e.g. 10:05 next bunch of scale in bid/ask
    4) fixed time orders, e.g. 9.35, 9:48 etc.
    5) just wait and see what I can get

    As I only can vote for one I'd go with 3

  2. nummik


    s/c KB 73.66 for a loss of -0.76%

    new avg. ADVNB @ 32.61
    new avg. SBS @ 17.54

    AYI @ 35.92
  3. nummik


    s/c SBS @ 19.384 for a profit of 10.5%

    b/o GRB @ 10.797
  4. nummik


    b/o GMXR @ 42.67
    b/o BRNC @ 27.93