No Bs , proof that traders are imbeciles

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  1. Seriously, morons to the 98th percentile.

    I post trades on stocktwits that kill. Im talking about 90% winners measured in minutes not days or weeks.

    And I have very few followers.

    Once in a while , a thanks.

    Now seriously, if traders weren't imbeciles, I'd have 5-10X the followers I do now.

    Proof positive, realtime.

    PS I think I'll be toning it down ,as there's nothing I need to prove, and I dislike giving such quality info away for free. ykwim.

    so don't ask for the nick I use
  2. Maybe if you had a recording contract or a line of clothes, sumpin to give you street cred.:cool:
  3. lol, dunno. I have to say, I wonder what kind of hype some of these clowns with 2000 followers are using, cause being right a HUGE percent of the time IMMEDIATELY aint the ticket.

    Some post 'winning' trades 3 weeks after the fact , with all kinds of drawdowns. Or winning legs of convoluted options plays.

    I say this. The exercise is a useful one for me, as it focuses the mind and reveals how accurate ones calls are. Something about posting filters the noise out. Not so obvious with just the internal mental dialog.

    If i posted 500 winning scalps in a row (much more valuable than some 2 week swing where you make 5%), the dingleberries would not notice. Tells you something.
  4. AAPL was the candy short of the month. Gladyahadit
  5. Geez, you've been saying this forever now....just f-ing stop already :D

  6. You see, my problem is , if I'm the smartest guy in the room, why am I there?

    Now fireplug, you make it difficult, cause if you're in the room, someone else is ALWAYS gonna be smarter.

    I already toned it down considerably for the et audience. Rarely any tradable mentions. I gave a hint on something in another thread and it went over all their heads.
  7. Because you are an attention whore who knows no bounds?


  8. Well, if that's what I am, I have lots and lots of company, not don't I.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. should have read, 'now don't I' , but who reads this crap anyhow.
  10. Cheap shot to get more attention.:D
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