No Brainer Breakouts or How An Early Bird Catches A Worm

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Will I win or will I lose by the end of November 2009?

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  1. Why do Spread Betting Bookies hate Arbitrage Traders?

    Q. Why do spread betting bookies hate arbers?
    A: Simple. Spread betting providers don't like arbers (except ProSpreads, a spread betting platform designed for daytraders) because, in the long run, they always win and the bookmaking industry always loses. No company is so arrogant as to believe that the spread they make is always correct, and that they are always going to end up on the right side of a client taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities. It's a straightforward transfer of wealth from the two bookmakers involved to the arber. In the long run each bookmaker will end up wearing half the loss.
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    Where is arbing? I am just buying resistance & selling support, increasing size after every loss. That ain't arbing.
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  3. Right.

    What U.K. betting shop has £0.10 minimum bets please?.
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    You are referring to trade latency issues, obviously if you were to do that they would probably decline future service. But as long as your bets are based on a spread derived from actual market prices - you will be just fine amigo :)
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  5. Probably is probably the word more probably used by the probable ultimate losers.

    Like the statistician who drowned in a lake of average depth 6 inches.
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  6. jjf


    because they are in over their heads
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  7. jjf


    it is all to do with boiled rice and coffee
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  8. Or they have their feet in the air, and are standing on their head.
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  9. Ok ....for your benefit I checked it out with another spread "trader" in UK...most have a POUND limit and it depends on the nature of the bet and others have a limit as low as 16 p.

    JSS is using one of those.

    Hope that resolves this once and for all.

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  10. Thanks. I'm waiting for a UK betting shop to have £0.01 per SP point bets so that my bankroll is safe from overbetting.

    But if you post a link to a £0.10 per point UK betting shop, I'm sure I can raise some risk capital amongst my acquaintances, and we'll all be eternally grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

    At £1 per SP point we could not imagine to participate.
    #50     Nov 5, 2009